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LA-FOXE: english

LAFOXE - Performance for 4 projectors

Lafoxe is a live performance duo. Gaëlle Rouard and Etienne Caire play with customized 16mm projectors.
It’s an improvisate work played with all the possibilty of live multi-projection’s games, sound an images.

From 16mm found footage sound and visual (mainly Hollywood ones), images are shooted, processed, printed, colored and added special effect in our handcraft laboratory. The sountrack of films is worked over again on films itself. This performance is a game of disassembling conventional narrative mechanic, film existense is building during the projection : each of us has an amount of images and sound in wich he pick up to feed the growing movie. Acting on differents images parameters like masking, overprinting, variation of the light intensity, tape speed of film, size of the framework of the image,manipulating the image with scopic lenses and gels, sound synchronous or not…. we end the image treatment work in his context. By improvising games, movie makers are constantly rethinking his action in regard to the whole development, acting to creat a detail, to form a breaking, to bring some depth, to make rythmes evolutions… games possibilitys are infinites. We confront these elements to develop a suspense, in the form of abstracted tension, narration for the eyes with its variations of movements and its apocalyptic skids in hyperscope. Such irreverent and free handling inflicted to films and projectors turns over the spectator. He’s the witness of the collapsing narrative pretext and find himself projected in the very matter of the cinematographic process.

A cinema whose ultimate transformation is definitively not placed on the film.

Interpreter :
Gaëlle Rouard & Etienne Caire – filmmakers.
Members of Atelier MTK and cinematic improvisation band such as Le Cube, Mody Bleach, Projos Quartet, Kinoko, Levox et LAFOXE.